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DESL Playoffs 2023
DESL Playoffs 2023
Physiomentum (3) vs Fortinet (5)
Date Time Home Away
19 Sep 23 7:30pm Physiomentum 8 Fortinet 5
21 Sep 23 7:30pm Fortinet Physiomentum
Fortinet (5) vs Moushi (8)
12 Sep 23 7:30pm Fortinet 7 Moushi 6
14 Sep 23 6:15pm Moushi 5 Fortinet 13
18 Sep 23 8:15pm Fortinet 13 Moushi 11
Fortinet wins the series 3-0
Physiomentum (3) vs Continental (11)
13 Sep 23 7:30pm Physiomentum 14 Continental 7
14 Sep 23 8:15pm Continental 4 Physiomentum 21
18 Sep 23 6:15pm Physiomentum 8 Continental 1
Physiomentum wins the series 3-0

by posted 09/19/2023
Continental and Moushi eliminated

Tonight saw both Continental and Moushi swept from the semis.


by posted 09/18/2023
The Semis are set!

With the downfall of SLF and Yagel Bagel, the semi finals are set!


by posted 09/12/2023
Semi final matchups

by posted 09/12/2023
Panama and TMTC

It's "see you next year" for both Panama and TMTC (aka TimTic!)


by posted 09/09/2023
More knockouts!

Altius and Vegas got the boot tonight! Good luck to those carrying on!


by posted 09/01/2023
Double Knockout Night

Tonight's games saw Prestige and Nikkos eliminated. See you next season gentlemen!


by posted 08/28/2023
Botica bows out

In our first knockout game, team Continental got by Botica by a score of 7-4 and will face Prestige in the early game on Monday. The late game features Nikkos and Creations LV.

by posted 08/27/2023
PLAYOFFS 2023 - Seeding


1st Tie Breaker.  The team with more wins during the regular season gets the higher seed

2nd Tie Breaker.  In the event more than one team is tied and one of the tied teams has a winning record
against ALL the other teams it is tied with, they get the higher seed.  If 2 teams are tied, the team with the better head to head record gets the higher seed.

3rd Tie Breaker.  The team with the lower runs against total over the entire season in all their games gets
the higher seed.

4th Tie Breaker.  If all other tie breakers to do not resolve the ties then a coin flip is used to determine the
higher seed.

by posted 08/21/2023
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01 Shawn Altman
03 Peter Kolovos
04 Adam Cohen
05 Benjie Meleras
06 Adam Rubin
10 Mike Shtull
12 Doug Greenblatt
12 Gord Bloom
12 Noah Katz
17 Buck Rannells
19 Daniel Haim
20 Marc Shade
20 Howard Wiltzer
23 Joel Sheres
28 Joey Itovitch
28 David Ohayon
28 Robert Goldenberg
29 Bradley Weigensberg